Building industry

Fine cutting and sorting of old plasterboards and cut off in connection with new building works – easy and efficiently in one process. The plant for recycling of gypsum from plasterboards can fine cut and sort gypsum from demolition, cut off in connection with new building works and plasterboards rejected under fabrication. Then the recycled gypsum can be used for production of new plasterboards.


Gypsum from this plant can be uses for production of new plasterboards: Import of crude gypsum is reduced.

Fractions that are separated from the recycled material:

  • Paper/cardboard
  • Metal (can be reused)


You save landfill taxes, which makes the investment profitable. The plant is mobile and can be placed where it is needed.

The mobile plant is equipped with a generator, so that it is easy to move around to the different production sites with a road tractor.