Plants – fine cutters

We make use of our comprehensive experience from many branches to produce exactly the fine cutter, which meets your specific needs.
Our modular product range allows modifications if your needs change.

The quality of the vital parts of our fine cutters is a result of sound craftsmanship and the best quality of materials. Gears, motors and bearings are of the best renowned makes.

Mobile solutions

  • (Load platforms, containers, caterpillars)
  • Generators
  • Hydraulic solutions
  • Racks
  • Transport to and from the fine cutter (belt, screws, air)
  • Accessories
  • Feed hoppers adapted to current needs
  • Special advantages
  • Low-noise and efficient cutting
  • High torque
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cost effective operation

Real benefits

  • Residues / waste materials can be used for production of new materials (plastic, gypsum, cardboard, metal, wood etc.)
  • Volume reduction ensures better use of transport facilities such as containers.
  • Shredded wood can be used in stoking plants
  • Organic material can be made into compost after fine cutting
  • Modular product range

An individual solution of modular components is created based on your specific needs


  • Cutting chambers: from 425×350 up to 1,400×2,500 mm
  • Width of cutting knife: from 14 mm up to 52 mm
  • Engine rating: from 300 KGM up to 12,000 KGM
  • Revolutions/min: from 6 RPM up to 44 RPM
  • Weight: from 650 kg up to 10,000 kg

Examples of materials for fine cutting:

  • Plastic
  • cardboard
  • tin buckets
  • aerosol cans
  • wood
  • mineral
  • glass wool
  • gypsum
  • fishing nets
  • plastic