From worn out fishing nets to high-priced granulate

Sound economy, beneficial for the environment and high quality – plain common sense
Each year many tons of worn out or defective fishing nets are discharged all over the world. Most of the worn out nets are deposited or burned.
With a “Net to granulate” plant from Frandsen Industri you get an environmentally sound disposal of worn out fishing nets and high-priced plastic granulate (PA and PET) that can be sold to the global plastic industries at market price.

Environment and REACH

The “Net to granulate” plant is approved within the EU legislation on chemicals, better known as the REACH authorisation. This means that all processes are thoroughly and fully monitored and tested so that the handling and processing are carried out in an environmentally sound manner.

High quality granulate

Fishing nets often contain different plastic types. With our new technology, we can separate the different types of plastic in fishing nets. This means that the purity of PA and PET in the finished granulate reaches 95 %. This means higher quality and higher prices.

Global items

Our plants are scalable according to the need and the amount of nets. Therefore, the plant can be built and installed at the site where the worn out fishing nets occur, for example at fishing ports and industrial areas. Apart from saving in transportation costs, the plant will also create 10-12 workplaces for each plastic production line installed.

Where would it make sense to install a Net to granulate” plant:
Ports where large quantities of worn out fishing nets are handled.
Industrial enterprises with excess production of clean plastic products.

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