Plant – Stripping of Buildings

Easy demolition of buildings.

An entirely new way of stripping the inside of buildings under difficult circumstances for example in urban areas.

Mobile, versatile and efficient

The fine cutter is brought to the relevant floor with the lift or with lifting equipment. There it can shred all inside parts of buildings – ceilings, cables, power lines, carpets, linoleum, plasterboard walls with or without tiles, doors, windows. Then the materials are removed with suction and led directly to the containers on the ground – sorted at source.

Reduction of container capacity

The television display on the fine cutter shows what goes on at ground level and into which container the shredded materials are filled. The materials have a reduced volume and are cheaper to dispose of.

The machine is easy to move as required.

n caterpillars, the machine drives remotely operated around on the floor. No more dragging materials down the stairs or to the lift.